I don’t think you’re a good sibling. Every time you’ve helped me, you’ve actually hindered me.
I know you’re older and see me as a child, I know I’ve come to you for advice and guidance.. but you are an asshole. I don’t like you. You’ll hurt forever for being a dick to Nathan.. Well now you’ll hurt because you’ve lost both siblings.
He escaped before I did, but you aren’t my brother no not in my eyes.

Also, fuck you. Mom paid for her ring not you pathetic human.

fuck you I don't like you brother family



the best kind of relationship is the kind where you two just cant not be touching or near each other. Theres no real boundary between their body and yours, you just need them close as much as you need your body attached. 

who does the credit go to for this? does anyone know?

wow i am dense

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